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Meet your Animal Medical Centre Vet & Support Team

We’re your small, but mighty, dedicated veterinary team of animal lovers right here in the heart of Johnsonville.

Since 2005 we’ve been bringing a family-first, local approach to the health and happiness of cats, dogs and other furry friends across Johnsonville, Newlands, Churton Park, Broadmeadows and the wider Wellington region.

Our Team at Animal Medical Centre | Johnsonville Vet

“Absolutely amazing. Dr Mike is very talented. Some things our cat won’t let us do without a fight, he can do with grace and calmness and our cat allows this. He is also very informative and listens to everything you have to say. He had some good advice and clear communication about caring for our cat. I highly recommend this centre and Animal Medical Centre is now the one we will always go to.” – Anthony Wilson

Get To Know Our Team

Mike Benfell – Senior Vet & Practice Owner (BVSc)

What do I love about the Animal Medical Centre? I’ve seen and experienced a lot across my 20+ years as a vet. I’d have to say it’s the incredible people across our community who trust us to take care of their furry best friends. Knowing that everyone who walks through our door feels they are valued.

We care beyond measure. There is no deeper satisfaction than preventing an animal from becoming sick, from supporting a sick animal to become well and from alleviating suffering and providing comfort when the time comes. We’re with people and their pets through every stage of life. It’s a huge honour to be a vet – one I don’t take lightly.

Antoinette Benfell – Practice Manager & Owner (BBS)

What do I love about the Animal Medical Centre? We’re all driven by a deep desire to help fur babies thrive and we enable their owners to care for them well. I love how our practice is built on strong relationships. Relationships with our team, our clients and their pets.

We’re proud to be part of our local community. And to be a locally owned and operated vet clinic right here in the heart of Johnsonville – it’s rare these days. We know we’ve got it right when not only our local community place their trust in us, but people from across the wider Wellington region travel to bring their pets to us. They truly become part of our family.

Sarah Barker – Senior Vet Nurse (CVN) | Animal Medical Centre | Johnsonville Vet

Sarah Barker – Senior Vet Nurse (CVN)

What do I love about the Animal Medical Centre? For me? It’s simple. People and their pets, before anything else. It’s 100% the driving force here at Animal Medical Centre. Mike and Antoinette have created a veterinary clinic where people and their pets truly come first.

I love and appreciate that our clients respect my 20+ years in the industry. They know, like Mike, I’ve seen and experienced a lot when it comes to the care of our furry best friends. It’s a pretty cool feeling knowing that people trust me to help them help their animals.

And working with pets every day. What’s not to love about that!?!

Anna Woolner – Vet Nurse (NZVN) | Animal Medical Centre | Johnsonville Vet

Anna Wollner – Vet Nurse (NZVN)

What do I love about the Animal Medical Centre? As the new Vet Nurse here at Animal Medical Centre, I can confidently say – this clinic stood out above others. I was drawn to the small, family approach where Mike, Antoinette and Sarah genuinely care for local people and their pets.

I got into vet nursing around 6 years ago to pursue my passion for animals. Like they say around here, there’s nothing better than the love of your furry friend. It’s incredibly rewarding to come to work every day and help and educate people to care for their fur babies.

Coco | Animal Medical Centre | Johnsonville Vet

Coco – Clinic Ambassador

What do I love about the Animal Medical Centre? Have you seen my face? I can’t wipe the smile from it. I get to be with my humans and clinic visitors every single day. Some say us pooches have a sixth sense. We get this feeling. We just know.

What do I know? I know that the humans here – Dr Mike, Antoinette, Sarah and Anna, collectively, have over 65 years in the veterinary and business industries. Their capabilities, instinct, knowledge, passion and care is top of the game. They’re 100% here to help animals, care for them, support their owners and make a difference. And I know, every animal who walks (or is carried) through the door feels this, too.

Thoughts, Tips & Trusted Animal Advice

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