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Northern Suburbs & Wider Wellington Region Vet Services

We’re here to support and guide you through every stage of life with your furry best friend.

We know the health and happiness of your pet is important to you. When you phone us, we’ll let you know whether your appointment needs to be with our Vet, Dr Mike or whether your animal can see one of our Vet Nurses – Sarah or Anna.

When you visit us at the Animal Medical Centre in Johnsonville, we’ll always talk through all the treatment options and associated costs so you can make an informed decision that best suits you and your animal.

Our Services at Animal Medical Centre | Johnsonville Vet

Vet Consultations

Appointments with our Vet, Dr Mike.


Consult - $84
House-Call Fee - $205

Final Farewell at Home – please contact us to discuss your private needs.

Vet Nurse Consultations

You can book an appointment with our Vet Nurses, Sarah or Anna for:

✓ Post-surgery checks
✓ Wound care
✓ Repeat prescriptions
✓ Revisit injections
✓ Nail trims
✓ Worm & Flea treatments


From $45

Preventative Care

Just like you, and us, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to health and happiness. It’s no different with your furry best friend.

✓ Regular health checks
✓ Senior wellness checks
✓ Vaccination
✓ Anti-parasitic treatment (Flea & Worms)
✓ Dental care & monitoring
✓ Nutrition advice
✓ Weight management
✓ In-house preventative blood screening

Diagnostic & Treatment Care

Continuity of care means we get to know your animals well. So, when they’re a little off, or unwell, we’re here to get to the bottom of their health concerns and recommend a treatment plan.

✓ In-house digital x-rays
✓ Unwell animal profiling
✓ In-house diagnostic blood screening
✓ Specialist referrals
✓ Prescriptions direct from our in-house veterinary pharmacy


When your beloved pet needs surgery – you can trust they’re in safe hands with us.

✓ General surgery including Wound repairs
✓ Emergency surgery
✓ Eye surgeries
✓ Orthopaedic repairs
✓ De sexing
✓ C-sections
✓ Hernia repairs
✓ Lump removals

Exporting your cat or dog to Australia | Animal Medical Centre | Johnsonville Vet

Exporting your cat or dog to Australia

New Zealand has an agreement with Australia that makes it easier to export your cat or dog. Unlike most other countries, you don’t need an Animal Welfare Export Certificate.

Before sending your cat or dog to Australia, book an appointment with us. The Animal Medical Centre is MPI approved to certify your pet is fit and healthy for travel. We’re given sole discretion to decide the tests and checks needed for export certification.

You can check our MPI Authorisation here

“The team at Animal Medical Centre were brilliant when my beloved cat needed some minor surgery. They sensed my concern and were very gentle and caring and explained everything to me. Thank you team!” – Megan Russell

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