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Hey Dr. Google, what’s wrong with my pet? How do I train my puppy? Why won’t my cat eat?

Hello Animal Owner – I don’t know your furry best friend, but I hear Animal Medical Centre in Johnsonville does.

Read what our team have to say about raising, caring for and treating your furry best friend.


Caring for Your New Puppy

Caring for Your New Puppy
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Welcoming a new puppy into your home is always exciting!

It’s also a huge adjustment for both your family and your puppy. 

As his or her new owner, you will receive many years of unconditional love and affection from your new pet. It your responsibility to return this love by meeting the emotional, physical and health needs of your new best friend.

Bringing Home Your New Puppy
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Bringing Home Your New Puppy...

At eight to nine weeks of age, your puppy will be ready to leave his litter. By now they should be fully weaned onto solids and have some idea about toilet training. Puppies should also have had their first vaccination when they were six weeks and you would have been given their pet health record which records this.

If you haven’t already, you will quickly find out that puppies love to chew! Shoes, cords, rugs and even furniture are no match for an active puppy. To keep both your new pet and your belongings safe, it is necessary to puppy proof your home.

This involves putting things away or out of reach of little mouths, as well as providing appropriate toys for chewing in their place.

Caring for the Health of Your New Puppy
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Caring for the Health of Your New Puppy

It is important for your puppy to be fully vaccinated to protect them from several serious and fatal diseases. Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis and Parainfluenza virus protection is given in one vaccination at age six weeks and then four weeks later, a second booster vaccination is given.

They will then need to be vaccinated again at one year of age and then every three years. Canine leptospirosis and Kennel cough are also two debilitating diseases which can be prevented by a series of two vaccinations given three to four weeks apart and then once a year.

Intestinal worms are common in puppies. They can be born infected with worms, receive them through their mother’s milk or from the environment. If not treated, worms can cause weight loss, low energy and diarrhoea. They can also be passed onto humans. Worming should be done via tablet once a fortnight, from two to twelve weeks of age, monthly from three to six months and every three months from six months of age.

When you bring your puppy in for his vaccinations, we will also give them a thorough health check. This includes checking their ears, eyes, claws, teeth and skin for any problems, including fleas. From around six months of age, it will be time to consider neutering or spaying your puppy to prevent unwanted litters. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Toilet Training Your Puppy
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Toilet Training Your Puppy

A puppy is like a baby or a small child. They have a small bladder and are unable to hold large amounts of urine. Being consistent in your toilet training is perhaps the most important factor in preventing accidents from happening inside.

  • Use the same word or phrase with your puppy each time you take them outside to go to the toilet
  • Take them to the same place outside each time
  • Take them outside after a meal or a big drink, each time they wake up and every hour they are awake
  • If your puppy does have an accident, simply say ‘no’ and take them outside immediately.

Using white vinegar on the area they have been helps remove the smell and discourages them using the same place again.

At the Animal Medical Centre, we’re here to help you and your puppy enjoy your time together
Photo by Chris Arthur-Collins on Unsplash

How we can help you care for your puppy

At the Animal Medical Centre, we’re here to help you and your puppy enjoy your time together.

Booking an appointment for a health check and vaccination with us for your new puppy is one of the best starts you can give them! We look forward to meeting your new family member soon.


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